Mikrolaineahi Tehniline tugi ja küsimused

Kui teil on küsimusi mikrolaineahjus või mikrolaineahjus, veaotsingu või veakoodid Palun pöörduge. Meil on üle ja Magsells 60 years experience in all different area of microwave be it industrial application to the commercial and domestic microwave oven. Part finding and or identification.


A Duel frequency batch-test machine, that has a 3 standard 3-kilowatt generator @ 2450 MHz, with the option of installing a bolt-on 896/915 MHz 6 KW microwave generator. Jackm@Magsells.com

Meil on mikrolaine insenerid üle kogu maailma, who ask us for help with repairs. It may just be a pointer of where to look first. Enquires@Magsells.com


If you can’t identify a manufactured part or part number. Küsi meilt, we have a vast library of cross-referenced manufactures parts and references that can help.

Näiteks. Järsk 2M240H {L} as shown in the picture is our Magsells part number MSM720. Enquires@Magsells.com