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1 kilowatt microwave generator kit



1 Kilowatts microwave generator kit.

This kit is avaliabale with either a Air-cooled or water-cooled Magnetron.  

220/240 volts 50Hz.  

Half-wave 1 kilowatts

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The Magsells HV Transformer based microwave generator kits are a simple and robust design. They use either a single HV transformer to form a half signal or, a twin HV transformer system utilising more of the usable power from the magnetron by using a full wave circuit. What system you use will depend on your requirements.  The standard and simple design uses a conventional 2.450 MHz continuous wave {CW} Magnetron similar to the frequency used in the normal domestic Microwave oven.


Depending on the power operating time, you have the option of a water or air cooled magnetron. The water-cooled magnetron’s are generally used for longer processing system. 

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