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Magnetron (MSM705)


mewn stoc


Microdon magnetron popty (MSM705)

Magnetron – Cyfwerth â:

A670 HY
2M172 JYB
2M172A DWI
2M172 (YC)
OM75 (51)


Only a competent engineer familiar with high voltage circuitry should install this component. Please note the mains voltage supply must be disconnected before any repair is undertaken. Each high voltage capacitor must be discharged before the installation of any internal component. Magsells LTD accepts no liability for improper use or installation of their product.

All prices shown exclude VAT which is charged at the standard UK rate and postage .

Croeso i Ceisiadau Cyfrif Masnach, os gwelwch yn dda cliciwch yma i wneud cais.

I lawrlwytho copi o'n llyfryn cynnyrch diweddaraf os gwelwch yn dda cliciwch yma.

I gysylltu â ni am hyn neu unrhyw rannau microdon arall, poptai microdon ac ati os gwelwch yn dda cliciwch yma.

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