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MSM262M12 Water-cooled 1.5 kilowatt Magnetron. Witol 2M463K



Water-cooled 1.5 kilowatts Magnetron, base around a standard body of a 1 killowatt commercail magnteron but, has been upgraded and hand built by Witol to produce an incrediable 1.5 kilowatts.

Bassic spec.

Type: microwave Oven
Housing Material:stainless Steel
Power (w): 1500
Model Number: 2m463k
Place Of Origin: China (mainland)
Anode Voltage (ebm):   4.65kV
Anode Current (Ib):   430 mAdc
Output Power (Po):     1500W
Frequency (fo):      2458 MHz
Filament Voltage (Ef): 3.0V
Weigh:  1090g
Cooling water flow: ≥1.4L/min
Cooling water voltage:  0.1~0.35MPa
Water temperature (input): ≤45°C
Water temperature (output): ≤70°C


PDF Specification File   2M463 MSM262 WJ water-cooled 1.5 kilowatts magnwetropn specification-LD.


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